Lunches Tender: Live Media Manipulation as Performance


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  • Lunches Tender: Live Media Manipulation as Performance



  • The art-tech collective, Frenz4eva, engages in the manipulation of digital and analog media in a live audio/video mix performances. Through the exploration of marrying old and new media and the integration of live performance, our creative process addresses consumerism in the digital age. Our work dismantles the passive relationship of consumer to product by re-envisioning technology and media as active elements in a larger, collaborative and deeply personal live narrative.



    Using discarded VHS tapes, promotional videos, work out tapes, political films, commercials, web video, surveillance footage, protest video, student animations, video game sound effects, soundtracks, television theme songs, field recordings and intimate conversations as source material, Frenz4eva layers and splices these found-object video and audio segments to create a textured deconstruction of the collective mediated environment. We are fascinated with media that permeates the public sphere. Using and re-appropriating these sound and video elements turns the tables on our passive consumer-centered relationship with the media and allows us to re-envision and re-create our visual and audio landscape. From digital video and MP3s downloaded off the web, to found instructional videotapes, Frenz4eva’s mix performances explore the relationships of these disparate media elements to each other. We mine the depths of live experimental video and electronic music uncovering an embarrassment of technological riches.


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