Do Mountains Have a Speaking Disorder?


Session Title:

  • Sound and Installation

Presentation Title:

  • Do Mountains Have a Speaking Disorder?



  • Only in the world of fairy tales and children’s stories the inanimate object can and will speak. And more often than not this speech will be in the sense of the speaking up of nature, utterings of unasked-for, moralistic, wise and sometimes humoristic comments on the absurd realm of human life and its pitfalls. Nature here takes on the character of the cruel, if clear sighted voice of truth, placing the disconnected adult world of foul compromises, oppressed desires and banal realities in the limelight of eternal clairvoyance. Speaking Mountains is a varied project of artistic research which, as a result of several workshops, headed towards a complex outdoors sound installation and exhibition in Bergen, Norway and a website aimed to prove that mountains are a part of the world of language.


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