“Machine Biography” presented by Tovar and Diaz


Presentation Title:

  • Machine Biography



  • In Machine Biography, we are making a predictive biography of the future year 2050, of Clara Boj and Diego Díaz, using deep neural networks trained from all our digital activity (GPS locations, digital conversations, photographs, videos, etc.) compiled during 2017. Year in which we hacked our mobile phones with spyware software that captured all this information to generate the artwork Data Biography, composed with 365 printed books (one for each day with a total of 40k pages) and a cinematographic movie of 24 hours long. In this new project, we are using this data to train different deep neural networks that are subsequently generating our forecast activity during the year 2050 and we are reprinting the generated data to create another 365 books and another 24-hour film that constitutes the work Machine Biography; a fictional and predictive biography created by artificial intelligence where the limits of the true and the false are blurred and the veracity of the information itself is questioned. It is proposed to analyze the creative capacity of artificial intelligence to question the possibility of this technology to sentience our world and to be able to predict the future of our lives.



  • Awarded with Beca Leonardo a Investigadores y Creadores Culturales 2019 de la Fundacion BBVA.