Diego Diaz

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  • Universitat Jaume I, Artist and Associate Professor

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  • ISEA2022

    Diego Díaz, PhD, is Associated Professor at Universitat Jaume I, Castelló de la Plana.


    Diego Diaz & Clara Boj have been working together since 2000. Their work critically engages new media technologies and the notion of public space within the hybrid city. Their main projects propose new devices (conceptual and technological) to reformulate the perception and experience of urban environments. In this direction, they like to bring their work directly to the street and provoke encounter between people, physical places and the digital space. In many of their projects, they explore nonlinear narrative using geolocation devices and other locative media resources to create narratives that combine layers of physical and digital information. Recently they are working with Machine Learning techniques in order to analyze how computers can understand and predict our future.

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  • Castellón de la Plana, Spain

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