“Media Art and face recognition: critical lines of work” presented by


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  • Algorithms, Control and Agencies

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  • Media Art and face recognition: critical lines of work



  • In recent years, Media Art practices related to facial recognition reflect present concerns about AI in general and facial biometrics in particular. The ambiguities, biases and lack of ethics present in the development and implementation of facial recognition techniques is apparent in pieces and essays by creators determined to reveal the lack of ethics and transparency of these mechanisms of classification and control. Artistic spaces and festivals are beginning to support and make these kinds of issues more widely visible.
    At present, we distinguish three lines of critical work: those that attempt to “annul” the effects of technology, those that show how detection algorithms work, and a small group, more experimental and less fruitful so far, made up of works that propose to reinterpret the uses of technology more in line with social needs.