“CHIME Design Lab: Community-centred, Collaborative Health Innovation partnered with Medical Education” presented by Rani, Brett-MacLean, Hauff and Hanson


Session Title:

  • Labs, Networks and 3D Immersive Telepresence

Presentation Title:

  • CHIME Design Lab: Community-centred, Collaborative Health Innovation partnered with Medical Education




  • In Canada, healthcare and health professions education, in particular medical education, are grounded in structures of coloniality, oppression, heteropatriarchy and a variety of “-isms” (racism, sexism, ableism, classism). Like in other parts of the world, deep-rooted and enduring health disparities exist for many different groups. Change is needed urgently.

    Multi-faceted approaches are required to achieve the required changes at both the upstream level– training new generations of physicians, as well as at mid- and downstream levels– providing equitable access to care and services needed to alleviate current health burdens faced by marginalized populations. To help address this challenge, we have conceived an approach that combines community collaboration, medical education, arts, humanities, and design. CHIME Design Lab aims to be a physical and social space where a wide range of stakeholders–members of marginalized groups, professionals from a variety of domains in and outside healthcare, as well as students and trainees, and other interested members of the general public– can together creatively and safely explore healthcare problems, test potential solutions and propose equitable, just alternatives to the status quo.