“Media Lab / BR” presented by Prado, Rocha and Venturelli 


Presentation Title:

  • Media Lab / BR




  • Media Lab is an academic network for research, development and innovation in interactive media. The Media Lab / Br consists of three laboratories, located at the Federal University of Goiás, Universidade de Brasília and the Federal University of the South and Southeast of Pará. The laboratories work with a transdisciplinary method, covering several areas of knowledge. Media Lab works with some research axes, focusing on the relationship between user and system, technological art, computational interfaces and social experiences with technology. Researchers from various areas of knowledge develop research in the Media Lab, which also has support for the development of dissertation and thesis projects, as well as offering space for postdoctoral internships. Media Lab / BR is considered the largest laboratory of its kind in Latin America, having presented works in several countries.