“Medium-Specificity and Sociality in Expanded Cinema Re-Enactment” presented by Ihlein


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  • Media Art, Mediation and Contemporary Art

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  • Medium-Specificity and Sociality in Expanded Cinema Re-Enactment




  • Panel: Media Art, Mediation and Contemporary Art

    Keywords: expanded cinema, re-enactment, medium-specificity, sociality, performance art, experimental cinema, pedagogy

    In this short paper, I introduce the work of the artist group Teaching and Learning Cinema, which re-enacts Expanded Cinema artworks from the 1960s and 70s. I make a connection between sociality (which binds together artists in collectives and screening ‘clubs’) and the issue of medium specificity. Re-enacting Expanded Cinema, I suggest, gently probes at the intersection of medium specificity and sociality. This practice asks questions about the material qualities of film, video and performance, and the particular relations these media carry across time and culture.

    Full text (PDF) p. 368-369

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