Metabook.1: The Book of Luna


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  • Digital Narratives & E-Literature

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  • Metabook.1: The Book of Luna




  • Cine-Installation

    The MetaBook is a transmedia concept that bridges the analog and the digital by introducing a cinematic and interactive dimension to the physical object of the book. MetaBook.1: The Book of Luna is the first realization of this concept. Across a series of embedded media technologies, this artwork explores texts written and inspired by some of history’s great philosophers and scientists by navigating a map of the Moon’s craters that have been named after them. The reader is free to navigate between these craters on page and screen, or just fly between them in a constant orbit.

    Intro                                                                                                                                                              The Poetics of Space In The Poetics of Space (1958), Gaston Bachelard traces a profound homology between our perception of space, our way of being-at-space, and poetic thought: “…the great function of poetry is to give us back the situations of our dreams. The house, the bedroom, the garret in which we were alone, furnished the framework for an interminable dream, one that poetry alone, through the creation of a poetic work, could succeed in achieving completely” . Spaces are psychological resonating chambers, exterior sanctuaries for our interior states, in much the same way that poetry is a sensate linguistic structure for expressing daydreams.