“Methods of Evocation: The Evocation of the Sublime in Digital Art” presented by Bristow


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  • New Art Theory

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  • Methods of Evocation: The Evocation of the Sublime in Digital Art




  • There is something inexplicable about nature’s vastness – it evokes ‘something’ – a feeling connecting us to a greater whole – wonderful yet simultaneously frightening. The Romantics called it the sublime. In the European Romantic arts the notion of the sublime was resurrected from its Neo-Classical lineage. A resurrection that contributes to our contemporary understanding of the notion; felt and experienced within the observer, rather than its earlier use describing grandness or terror as an attribute of natural phenomena. In a direct response to the thrust of growing Empiricism and its increasing impact on how people understood the world, the Romantics saw it necessary to evoke the sublime through representation; an attempt to retain mysticism associated with nature. This was done with aesthetic theory based on how the sublime is evoked through the natural.

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