“Process as Paradigm” presented by Evers and Jaschko


Session Title:

  • New Art Theory

Presentation Title:

  • Process as Paradigm




  • The exhibition Process as Paradigm poses a bold thesis: process – nonlinear and non-deterministic – has become one of the major paradigms in contemporary art and culture. Here we mean process based art in contrast to the process art of the sixties and seventies that was all about performance, the here and now, the ritual, the artist conducting the process, whereas we use the term in a different way: process as a property or behavior of a system, be it nature, society, culture or art.

    This paradigm reflects the fact we have ever better means, concepts and technology to observe reality. As a result we have both a deeper understanding but simultaneously realize reality is far more difficult to master. Reality is an all-entangling process that holds many uncertainties – of which we are part.

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