MindRemix [navigational extra-sensorium]


Presentation Title:

  • MindRemix [navigational extra-sensorium]



  • Keywords: Online video remix, extrasensory perception, sublime, informational complexity, mind waves.

    How about the emergence of a specific kind of consciousness when we experience the sublime? What happens in the brain when our sensorial and extra-sensorial systems experience a state of astonishment – when these systems find themselves over-whelmed, unable to comprehend a phenomenon in its totality due to its informational complexity? In the present paper, the authors present and discuss a collaborative project where they are exploring the experience of revealing and facing the sublime by navigating personal online video memories, driven through databanks by our mind waves. To face the extreme in our emotions, in situations that detaches the self from normality, no matter if in deep meditative practices when in search for mindful awareness, or even jumping from a mountain with a paraglide, the sublime has the power to transform our informational structure – the sublime is disruptive.