“Motherplants, Mycelium network and artistic research” presented by Ottavi and Pickett


Session Title:

  • Bio Art – Bio Design (short papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Motherplants, Mycelium network and artistic research

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Imaginaries




  • Since 2015 we have been working on the use of organic organisms such as plants and fungi in the processes of recycling ewaste and how these systems create feedback audio signal transmission using moisture and decomposition of the circuit boards. Two projects with differing relations to mycelium, networks and audio diffusion were proposed : Motherplants as new computing experience and Biofeedback installation as a way to create an art installation or a performance using bioelectrical signal. This paper engages with the notions of symbiosis and mutation of existing technologies to explore new ways of interaction with recycling, art research and implementation of new network model based on mycelium communication cooperation system.

    Is it an anti-cybernetic process we are developing? What if spores could calculate? What is a fungal network? Can we operate a mutation between electronics and mycelium? Can we generate power from these installations?