Multi-linear Narrative Structures in Multimedia


Session Title:

  • Narratives, Interactivity and Metaphors

Presentation Title:

  • Multi-linear Narrative Structures in Multimedia




  • A critical account illustrated by reference to the CD-ROM works Media, Myth and Mania and Dreamhouse. Media, Myth and Mania is an interactive spoof game examining issues of power and control of the mass media through a multi-choice biographical journey through the life of a media Mogul. The player makes choices at various life stages and views the consequences through photo-romance style tableaux. Dreamhouse is an attempt to create a multilinear structure of connected mythologies. It is a story-telling machine, driven by the user. The interactive house is a place of magic, permeable to other mythic spaces, but the narratives involved attempt to form a bridge between the personal and the political