“MuRe, Museography Network” presented by Unknown presenters


Presentation Title:

  • MuRe, Museography Network




  • Co-creation strategies for building real-time storytelling through advanced Internet network. A project for the interconnection of knowledge considering human and technological inclusion.

    Visits to the museum represent a powerful strategy to be developed. MuRe takes this one step forward, integrating countries, people, museums and objects. MuRe takes place in the field of cultural convergence and advanced internet networks. MuRe´s aim is to generate a real-time, advanced Internet circuit with different institutions. It would feature stories of heritage, dialogues and interactions with the public. Participants create an exhibition that only exists on the Internet. Participating institutions and audiences do not geographically coexist, but share the same virtual time and space. The object is conceived in a broad sense, art piece, heritage object, material and immaterial, aiming to stimulate the co-creation process in ICT. MuRe is composed of two projects: A Project of cultural intervention and a Project of educational research. This presentation will feature the main strategies, stakeholders involved and pre-production contents of the cultural intervention project. MuRe was created at Cultural Ring Latin America-Europe in Uruguay and this project was selected by the Cultural Funding (Ministry of Culture and Education of Uruguay) to be developed in 2017.