“Museum as Interface: The Implosion of the White Cube and Radical Museology” presented by Arantes


Session Title:

  • Spirit and Flesh (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Museum as Interface: The Implosion of the White Cube and Radical Museology




  • The transformations that took place in the last century have brought about profound changes to the fields of culture and of public cultural policies. What can be noted, in the specific case of Brazil, is a progressive weakening of the role of the State in espousing cultural democratization, here understood not only as providing access to culture, but also as promoting initiatives that foster cultural diversity. In recent years, a dismantling of the policy area of culture and the arts has been noted, as is generally the case in times of economic crisis, once culture and the arts are generally regarded as having secondary importance vis-à-vis other areas under the domain of the State.

    A debate over the role of the institutional context, particularly as regards the public sphere, is followed by the perception of a lack of congruence between institutional practices – which are often directed exclusively at the development of „spectacular‟ proposals – and actions that can create dialogue with and lead to effective participation of the public in its diversity. In this context, the question that is therefore raised is:

    -What is the place of art institutions that propose more experimental strategies, different to those produced by institutional spaces driven by the promotion and dissemination of more spectacular proposals?

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