“Collaborative Artistic Practices within Indigenous Communities” presented by Mallmann, Sales, Oliveira, Palazuelos and Tepal


Session Title:

  • Spirit and Flesh (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Collaborative Artistic Practices within Indigenous Communities




  • This article addresses community collaborative artistic practices in general, and, specifically, it reviews two projects within indigenous communities in Brazil and Mexico: “Affective DNA: kamê and kanhru”, a collaborative project developed with the Kaingang indigenous culture of  southern Brazil; and “La lengua del diablo” (The Devil’s Language/Tongue), an audio project aimed at the devalued Nahuatl language of the Cuauhtotoatla community in Mexico.

    In these projects, theory and practice intertwine to delineate discourses concerning these experiences which constitute collaborative artistic practices of aboriginal peoples, and involve political and cultural issues activated by contemporary artistic and technological processes.

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