“Music via Motion: Interactions Between Choreography and Music” presented by NG, Popat, Stefani, Ong, Cooper and Smith-Autard


Session Title:

  • UNESCO Session: Music

Presentation Title:

  • Music via Motion: Interactions Between Choreography and Music



  • In this paper, we present an ongoing research project, focusing on creating an augmented, interactive audio-visual environment, for stage performance, installation arts and other related applications. We describe a motion and color sensitive system called MvM (Music via Motion), and report an interdisciplinary collaborative project to integrate dance, music, and costume design, using the system, called CoIN (Coat of Invisible Notes). The paper reviews public performances of CoIN, and discusses the interactions between choreography and music. The further enhancement of the MvM framework using sensors, and the future direction of the project, are also discussed.

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