“Netart Latino ‘database’ / Interface-Map” presented by Mackern


Session Title:

  • Latin American Forum IV: Current Media Art Practice / Artist Presentations

Presentation Title:

  • Netart Latino ‘database’ / Interface-Map




  • Netart latino “database” was born in 1999 and consolidated in the year 2000. It was not devoid of humorous and cynical allusions to the situation in which we Latin Americans found ourselves. Its interface, an inverted map of South America drawn in ASCII, is an obvious tribute to the work of Joaquín Torres García and uses “poor” (low-tech) design resources (ASCII sketches had always been a useful tool for designs in net contexts that operated very slowly). Even the word “database” (always in quotation marks) is an exaggeration, because the site only offers one HTML file in list format.

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