“Nettropics Interactivity and the Synthetic Plane of Immanence Abstract” presented by Muzhesky


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  • Interactive Media Theory

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  • Nettropics Interactivity and the Synthetic Plane of Immanence Abstract



  • Reflecting the net as an extension of human informational processing one can encounter a certain sprout of its mental fractalization, which is essentially not a cluster or a map of possible informational pattern recombinations, but pretends to be as if it is, for a correspondent faculty of our mind has to survive and support the bio-electronic correspondence in the economy of action (operationally, it is nothing more than geometry of perception, of course). Hence, there is another economy, located beyond the simulation, a hyper simulatory pattern, which clashes artificial and human intelligence in the frame of homonified conceptual location. It suggests that the net can be a synthetic plane of Immanence, and that it can spatially realize the concepts which never could be realized before either on the institutional basis of philosophy, nor on the basis of folk economy of concreticism.

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