“Networking in the Margins of Eco-Activism” presented by Scott, Hilbeck, Polli and Schläpfer-Miller


Session Title:

  • Artistsinlabs: Networking in the Margins of Eco-Activism

Presentation Title:

  • Networking in the Margins of Eco-Activism




  • The following is a co-authored paper about Networking in the Margins of Eco-Activism for the panel in ISEA2010 of the same name. The speakers will show that a responsible attitude towards the definition of nature can be embodied within the margins of art and science. Networking between ecoactivists from both fields also tends to create a more robust level of knowhow transfer about the environment. The authors in this text will expand on the idea that both fields of art and science can no longer deny the state of the very world in which it exists.

    This panel blurs the boundaries between artistic and scientific research. While artists have become more involved in ethical and social debates about scientific discovery, scientists have been exposed to the processes and contexts of art. Thus, networking tends to expand the borders of the exact sciences and to cause a more robust level of dialogue from the humanities and the arts.

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