“Nga manawataki o te koiora: biological rhythms and decolonial thought” presented by Wright and Howden


Session Title:

  • Other Cosmologies (short papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Nga manawataki o te koiora: biological rhythms and decolonial thought

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Imaginaries




  • Western science, in fields such as computational ecology, has grown to accept the truths that Indigenous culture have long know: that computational ecology accepts that ecological models are too complex to be summarised in computational form. Since this complexity evades the codification of mere indexing, how then, should we work with computational companions ( code, algorithms, programs, platforms). What new ways of intra-acting can we develop alongside computational frameworks, which bring us one more step closer to sentient machines? Most importantly, how can ethical ways of thinking and doing motivate transformations in the computational space, in areas such as machine learning where extreme problems of bias are now embedded?