“NodeBox 2” presented by Smedt, Bleser and Nijs


Session Title:

  • Software for Artists

Presentation Title:

  • NodeBox 2




  • The Experimental Media Group is a research group at the Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. Our ongoing effort is to produce computer graphics software that allows more people to express themselves visually and creatively without being restricted by a lack of expertise or user interface limitations. We draw inspiration from domains such as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, linguistics, biology, toys, in an attempt to define the nature of creativity.

    Traditionally, software applications for computer graphics have been based on real-world analogies. Each icon in the application’s user interface represents a concrete object – a pen, an eraser, scissors, etc. This model raises creative limitations. For one, you can only use the features as the software developers implemented them; creative recombination of tools is impossible when not foreseen. The classical solution, adding more features, is a cat-and-mouse game that complicates the software with each version. Furthermore, the software’s possibilities are also its limitations: users will tend to think along the lines of what is possible and not about what they want (Cleveland, 2004). nodebox.net

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