“No Space For This Time” presented by Ancel


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  • Locating Media 2

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  • No Space For This Time




  • I wrote a fi rst text for ISEA in 2006 about the context of the Shanghai World Expo.This event is an urbanisation process, emerging in an endless and unlimited city that is under discussion for 2010. Consequently, what is being prepared at Shanghai is not simply an immaterial bridge between a universal-type event and a planetary dimension. It will be a setting for utopian realities. These will take form thanks to technologies and existing projects. The purpose is not to present a performance or an enviroment but to assert a new vision to remove the current borders existing in the world. Our research connections: from reality limits to invisible data for “rendez-vous” that are beyond our conception of space. As we said, we do not propose to add projects. We only use them to imagine and create another way of thinking up data transmissions. If physical networks and data processing exist in unlimited space, what are the new temporal limits and how can we bring them into visibility?

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