“Nonhuman Creativity in Generative Art: Beyond the Anthropocentric Paradigm” presented by Sofokleous


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  • Nonhuman Creativity in Generative Art: Beyond the Anthropocentric Paradigm



  • This paper explores fresh insights into the ways we negotiate our ideas about nonhuman creativity, emphasizing the need to recast traditional notions of what it means to be an artist today. In the prospect of the existence of entirely autonomous nonhuman agents of art production in the following decades, an attempt is being made to question the exegesis of the artificial creativity of generative art from an anthropocentric point of view. Through the observation of four art projects, the first part sheds light on the interaction of artists with generative art-making systems in order to demonstrate that the concept of assemblage between living and non-living agents is currently emerging. The second part attempts a new ontological exploration of algorithmic systems as a possible path for essentializing their creative agency. The discussion extends to whether these aspects can operate as a foundation of the ontological definition of nonhuman creativity.