numer.oo: premier bilan après la manifestation


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  • NUMER.00 Session

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  • numer.oo: premier bilan après la manifestation



  • State of Interactive Design: Report On the Papers Session

    The main facets of the discipline are discussed: aesthetics, metaphor, dynamics, narration, usage and metadesign. The report is in French.

    On December 8th, 9th and 10th, the numer association organized numer.oo, the first international meetings of interactive design. Between the morning of 8 at the Forum des Images in the framework of ISEA2000, and the six conferences of 9 and 10 December at ENSBA, National School of Fine Arts, nearly 30 speakers of international stature animated these meetings. 1500 places were distributed in total. For this first founding event, the objective of accelerating the emergence of a critical eye on interactive design has generated support beyond our expectations: high-end presentations (interactive design panorama, aesthetics, metadesign) exciting debates (art / design, metaphor, dynamic), and sometimes passionate (narration). The reactions were extremely positive, on the spot as in the many mails that we receive since, some with constructive proposals.

    The questions of meaning and function have been widely debated. The “too much design” was stigmatized and several demonstrations (Casey Reas, Joshua Davis, Lab [au], etc.) bounced the reflection in unexpected directions. The concentration of talent in this prestigious place, the confrontation of the points of view of the practitioners and the theorists, have germinated intuitions that the words do not describe yet … All the speakers, and many participants, declared themselves ready to play a role of correspondent of the community Numer, who will live now on his site and by his mailing list. More than 15 hours of presentations and debates were filmed and recorded, in French and English, and will soon be online. Finally, the artistic performance of Servovalve on Saturday evening in the ENSBA multimedia room impressed by its masterful exuberance of visual and musical instrument in real time, pushed far in its limits (30 minutes live Director!).