“On Multimedia Syntax: A Semiological Perspective (What We Might Learn From Print)” presented by Mermoz


Session Title:

  • New Vocabularies and Directions of Digital Media

Presentation Title:

  • On Multimedia Syntax: A Semiological Perspective (What We Might Learn From Print)



  • My initial idea for this paper was to examine multimedia syntax, using semiotics as a tool to critically evaluate concrete examples of CD-Rom and web site designs, and to outline a few suggestions for future developments. Given the limited time available, however, and after reading the introduction to this session and the abstracts, in which issues of narrative, the linearity of texts and interactivity appeared prominent, I have decided to focus on and problematize what I propose to call the dual materiality of texts, more specifically their typographic materiality, and consider some implications of that materiality on multimedia authoring. In the light of recent hypes and wild claims that print was dead, it is important and relevant not to loose sight of the contexts in which certain key concepts about reading and writing have emerged and evolved, before the advent of electronic media/platforms.


    Full text p. 36-37

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