Gérard Mermoz

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  • Coventry University

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  • ISEA1997

    Gérard Mermoz, France/UK, Coventry University, UK, Studied literature and art history at Aix-en-Provence University, France. Moved to England. Taught art history at Bristol University, and Liverpool Polytechnic. Moved to Coventry in 1991 to teach Graphic Design. Gained an MA in Electronic Graphics at Coventry University (1994). Currently teaching graphic design at Coventry University, with special emphasis on typography and multimedia. Course leader for the new MA in Design & Digital Media. Member of the Rencontres Internationales de Lure (French Typographic Society). Honorary member of the Brno Biennale (1996). Exhibitions: various exhibitions of col­lages, sculptures and mixed media. Recently became inter­ested in electronic media. Dear John, multimedia piece about experimental typography, exhibited at Stations Arts Electroniques, Rennes, France and Brno Biennale, Czech Republic (1996); Conference presentations/Publications: On Typographic Reference, EMIGRE #36 (1995); Deconstruction and the Typography of Books, Acts of the Symposium of 17th Brno Biennale (1996); The “body of the text”: Typographic Interface and Interactive reading (theoretical text about interface design in an electronic hypertext envi­ronment) published in the acts of INTERFACE3 symposium: Labile Ordnungen, Hamburg, 1997; Multimedia: Towards a new Language?, paper read at the symposium organized by Video Positive, Manchester (1997); On Typographic Communication, paper read at GRAPHILL, the annual con­ference of ‘Norske grafiske designere og illustratører’, Oslo.


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  • Coventry, United Kingdom

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