One and Three Launchpads


Session Title:

  • Performance and Installation

Presentation Title:

  • One and Three Launchpads




  • This artwork is an imitation of the classic conceptual artwork, One and Three Chairs (1965) by Joseph Kosuth. While Joseph problematized relations between object, visual and verbal references via his artwork, One and Three Launchpads highlights the three different stages of the interface evolution: The physical interface (controller), the computer interface (cursor), and the mobile app interface (tablet). It reflects the transformation of music-making tools from physical to virtual environment, and from desktop/laptop software to mobile app. Despite the transformation, the purpose of the tools is the same – to make available more music-making options and facilitate the musical creation.

    As an installation attachable to any wall in the exhibition venue with power supply, the three Launchpads will be appeared as (1) a ‘physical’ Launchpads connected with the Mac Mini / Mini PC; (2) a screen displaying a Launchpad 2-D graph; and (3) an iPad Mini displaying the same Launchpad 2-D graph. All three Launchpads respond the same way via the same Pure Data sound engine both visually and audibly. Random pitches and lights will be generated via clicking the physical button / button on screen / gesture on the tablet. By experiencing the interaction with three different types of interfaces, this artwork raises the awareness of the evolutions of interfaces to the general public.