“Oneirocracy, Pandemic and Cyborg Dreams” presented by Borges, Diniz, Frazão and Pimentel


Session Title:

  • Machines, Politics and Sustainability

Presentation Title:

  • Oneirocracy, Pandemic and Cyborg Dreams




  • With the sewing of theoretical fragments as a starting point, we have structured a small framework for a “network of unconsciouses”. A conceptual provocation that articulates human, nature and technology, promoting the idea of the unconscious as a complex environment, in constant change. An intuitive, transversal, multitemporal and multispecific communication that goes beyond objectiveness. An unconscious which does not exist exclusively within the human, but also in the invisible fabric between things. With the “Pandemic Dreams Archive”, multiple series and different oneiric models were analyzed through graphs and interactive maps, allowing our investigation of dreams according to certain patterns. The semantic co-incidences allowed us to make associations between different dreams, and observe the relational fields between these oneiric manifestations. We have also created a bot called MacUnA (Machinic Unconscious Algorithm), a robot developed with NLP (Natural Language Processing), a subarea of computer science and artificial intelligence that deals with linguistics and interactions between computer and human language. MacUnA remixes the dreams’ archived narratives and creates derivative dreams. Its language is oneiric, bringing us closer to speculations of what could be the future of machinic unconsciouses and cyborg dreams algorithms.