Online Higher Education for Electronic Arts: New Practices


Session Title:

  • Education/Media (Panels & Roundtables)

Presentation Title:

  • Online Higher Education for Electronic Arts: New Practices




  • Online education has been in the forefront of higher institutions for the past decade. While the technologies are continuing to evolve, the opportunities to use those technologies bring new methods to deliver content. Live video feeds from any studio in the world with multiple virtual guest speakers at one time, screen sharing to learn software and real‑time cloud file sharing for feedback are all available to today’s educator. This type of nonlinear delivery of content can strengthen the learning objectives for any electronic art forms and removes the location restrictions set by a physical institution. This roundtable will discuss how educators are using new technology to effectively teach students which allows course content delivery to be more immersive and therefore, more effective in student learning outcomes. It will redefine the way you think of online education for the electronic arts.