Leap of Animation


Session Title:

  • Education/Media (Panels & Roundtables)

Presentation Title:

  • Leap of Animation




  • Animation existed before the invention of photography and film. Optical Illusion instruments like zoetrope and praxinoscope were experimented with even before the celluloid film came into existence. However the motion picture took over and little was seen from the animation front.. The eastern region had even less exposure to traditional animation than the western world. However with the advent in technology and the latest developments that have brought the world together and closer to each other Eastern region has been exposed to the modern tools of animation leaving the gap between what was done in the past to what exist today.

    There has been significant development in the local content in the region using latest technologies availed in the market. However there seems to be a gap between the animation producers and the animation consumers who seem to not grasp the idea of the process and the time it takes to create animation.

    Questions to be discussed:

    1. History of animation (magic lantern – puppet shows – hakawati)
    2. Animation leaped in the region (Sesame Street – dubbed animations)
    3. Animation now (use of technology in animation – programs – tools – accessibility)
    4. Examples of local animations + animation programs at universities + animation as an art form + art centers and animation
    5. Animation accessibility to the public.