“Online Possibles: Internet Spaces in a Postdigital World” presented by Vergara-Vargas


Session Title:

  • Digital Preservation: Resignifying Memory and Oblivion

Presentation Title:

  • Online Possibles: Internet Spaces in a Postdigital World




  • When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, artists and institutions moved online while trying to recreate the experience of art and the gallery experience onscreens. For the most part, this shift of attention to the internet as an exhibition space lacked the experimental quality of net art forerunners and their unique explorations of space where gravity is irrelevant and references such as vertical/horizontal, bidimensional and three-dimensional are outdated. This paper explores the notion of Possibles in relation to screen-based art and asks what kind of spaces can be imagined as we move towards a post-pandemic future.

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