“Virtual museums: heritage and future of mediated UX?” presented by Restrepo-Quevedo


Session Title:

  • Digital Preservation: Resignifying Memory and Oblivion

Presentation Title:

  • Virtual museums: heritage and future of mediated UX?




  • This article intends to carry out an analysis of the factors that have inherited the experiences of face-to-face visits to museums with those that are developed through virtual platforms. This analysis has been developed using a hermeneutical analysis of categories applied by the authors through multimodality with the intention to expand the reflection on this subject, as well as to provide a broader point of view. In addition to this, we have identified how in recent publications other authors have been expressing similar points of view, which allows us to generate a comparative framework. The interest in these study categories is oriented on the potential that museums have in promoting virtual settings, outside of physical spaces that can promote the construction of deep meaning in learning at different levels of training. Furthermore, we carried out a review of the connotations that different virtualized experiences in museums have, and how these can promote different levels of construction of meaning based on what the subject is explained, what they feel or experience during their virtual visit. A classification is then proposed in which the multimodal typologies of virtualization relate to the possibilities of construction of meaning through museums.