Open Cultures: cultivating collaboration


Session Title:

  • Rogue Troopers: Designing functional and fictional disruptions

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  • Open Cultures: cultivating collaboration




  • Panel Statement

    Panel: Rogue Troopers: Designing functional and fictional disruptions

    “We are a cultural laboratory re-imagining possible futures at the interstices of art, science, nature, and everyday life.”

    Artists are increasingly working in collaborative ways to develop work that moves beyond conventional gallery spaces and into the world, and our lived experience. Through the lens of recent curatorial research into ArtTechFood, Urban Research, and Open Culture, I will look at the history of artist labs as spaces to work creatively and build community. I am especially interested in how artists are currently making significant contributions to open source movements, mapping, sharing, collaboration, DIY, knowledge sharing, and skills transfer to explore open knowledge and build open utopias. What are the possibilities and pitfalls of curating this kind of research and process?