“Open Estudio: Mapping Intercultural Dialogues through Art and Technology” presented by García-Bravo, Giraldo, Pulgarín and Acevedo


Session Title:

  • Critical Perspectives on the Use of Technology for Peace

Presentation Title:

  • Open Estudio: Mapping Intercultural Dialogues through Art and Technology




  • Keywords:  Art and Technology, Dialogic Pedagogy, Problem-based Learning (PBL), Intercultural Exchange, Teamwork, Programming, 3D Modeling, Journey and Cartography

    This paper presents the continuation of our interdisciplinary work connecting art and technology at Purdue University (USA) and Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia). In particular, this presentation will analyze retrospectively the research, methodology and outcomes of the course experience “Open Studio / Estudio abierto: Interactive art and 3D animation”, during 2014 and 2015. We will also evaluate the course in order to provide improvements for the upcoming 2017 course. The academic exchange reflects on the topic of cartography in the digital era, introducing the concept of the journey as the starting point for reflection and artistic creation. Our methodology encourages cooperative work between students and professors, establishing a dialogical relationship without the traditional teaching hierarchies. The participants of the experience (students and professors of Purdue University and U.de A.) create a bridge for an interdisciplinary, geographic and cultural exchange. The social and cultural projection of this pedagogical research experience is expressed in the resulting art projects, as well as in exhibitions of the results and reflections of participants.

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