Panel Intro Re-forming Narrative: Performance, Collaboration, Play


Session Title:

  • Re-forming Narrative: Performance, Collaboration, Play

Presentation Title:

  • Panel Intro Re-forming Narrative: Performance, Collaboration, Play



  • Six panelists — artists, writers, and researchers — discuss forms of narrative made possible by computing technologies and approaches that emphasize performance, collaboration, and play.

    1.  Athomas Goldberg, at the NYU Media Research Laboratory, is creating systems for “story games” — ways that artists can use the fundamentals of games, storytelling, and improvisational theater to create dramatic experiences in which the user or participant occupies the central role.
    2.  Carolyn Guyer uses Storyspace and the Web to create narrative from apparently unrelated parts, examine the problem of quality in its intercultural and intracultural dimensions, and approach interactive narrative design from the perspective of the reader or audience.
    3.  Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell, through their live Web performances and Park8ench kiosk project, use video, computers, telerobotics, and the Internet to create installations that bridge physical and cyber space—highlighting the role of collaboration in their work, the impact of mediation on experience, and dynamics of access, control, and expression.
    4.  Adrianne Wortzel uses the Web, live internet broadcasting, and interactive robotic installations to explore the mixing and layering of programmed performance and improvisation, boolean possibilities in plot construction, the roles of remote participants, and methods of developing elements of scripting, mapping, and characterization.
    5.  Noah Wardrip-Fruin, the panel organizer, uses multiscale interfaces and the Web to create writing networks in which themes of impermanence and constraint are at play.