“Panel Statement” presented by Mermoz


Session Title:

  • Literature, Journalism, and the Telematic Society 1: Coming to Terms with Interactivity

Presentation Title:

  • Panel Statement



  • In the wake of recent claims made in the name of multimedia and the ‘new’ possibilities opened up by ‘new’ technologies, this paper argues that, if we are to escape from the seductive pull of ’new’ digital effects, and succeed in producing ‘new’ forms or texts'(‘new’ ways of presenting information), which open ‘new’ perspectives for readers/viewers; we need to consider the design of ’new’ graphic spaces in semiological rather just in visual terms (ie consider the nature, placing and interaction between each graphic element and their effects). The paper argues that close (and selective) attention to the theoretical discussions which occurred in film and literary theory, and a methodical search for alternative parameters appropriate to multimedia environment — rather than gratuitous play with plug-ins and special effects—is the surest way to help multimedia come of age and escape the vagaries and hypes of today fashion.