“Panorama: Space/Time Continuum” presented by Travis


Session Title:

  • Large Displays in Urban Spaces and Elsewhere - Gigantic: Mediation Beyond Surface

Presentation Title:

  • Panorama: Space/Time Continuum




  • The final panel paper manifests aspects of the panel ‘Mediation Beyond Surface’ theme within the context of the ISEA2016 conference site. During spring 2016 researchers from Parsons Design+Technology (NYC) will work with four Chinese universities (HKCityU, Tongji-SH, Tsinghua-BJ, SIFA-Chongqing) to create experimental computationally generated panoramas across a distance. Groups of 2-3 researchers in NY will work with similar sized groups at each university in China using tools including (but not limited to) OpenCV, openFrameworks, Cinder, PyVison, and FastCV to produce results that are dynamic and evolving. Form factors will range across traditional print, screen-based digital, mobile platforms, smart architecture (installation), and may include aural and zoological output. Emphasis will be placed on production of work that is unpredictable and if possible uncontrollable, with the hope of consequences that become independent. Groups will design and produce projects during February-April while interacting online, and convene in person during ISEA2016 in HK to demonstrate final outcomes. Resulting workshops and exhibitions will take place at ISEA, at the Chronos Art Center (Shanghai) in June, and in Parsons Aronson Gallery (NY) in September.

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