Peeping Tom and Nosey Parker


Session Title:

  • Short Paper Presentations

Presentation Title:

  • Peeping Tom and Nosey Parker



  • The aim of the presentation is to talk in very practical terms about how an artist generates, content and participation on-line, and how our initial expectation might differ from reality. I use the net as an on-line sketch book, a place to exchange information and an arena in which to exhibit – my first site, Peeping Tom went on-line in April 1996. The sites use traditional techniques of storytelling and theatre as basic structures on which to build interactive screens, with an element of play and humour used to explore wider issues of gender, pornography and identity. I love its anonymity, its minimal feel and its open ended nature. I think much of the debate around “Terror” and “Revolution” stems from the unknown, my own way of dealing with this is to ease myself into cybersapce through very ordinary exchanges that develop and expand organically. All the work is accessible on-line.

    “Julie Myers uses traditions of storytelling and popular culture to draw participants into her playfully subversive fictional spaces.” -Lux Catalogue 97.

    In the two previous net sites, Peeping Tom and Nosey Parker, I used traditions of story telling and Pantomime to create interactive spaces. For me the sites are empty shells before they are launched and don’t really become live until people feed into them. The project I hope to present at ISEA, Fi Fi La Boo, explores how on-line participation can be fed into the site both during and after its construction. The presentation will concentrate on how artist generate content and response from the on-line community.