PEGASYS: an interactive panoramic cinematic presence generating art system


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  • Entertainment and mobility

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  • PEGASYS: an interactive panoramic cinematic presence generating art system




  • Abstract

    The desire to experience other places through audio-visual means has long been of interest to humans and as technology advances so too has the formalisation of systems for exploring time, space and location based engagement. Research into developing an artifact for a practice-based PhD has led to the production of an interactive panoramic cinematic presence generating art system. This computer based art system engages participants within a panoramic audio-visual landscape.
    The aims of this research assist in determining best practice and technologies for creating and exhibiting a presence based computer mediated experience through a real-time video networked system. It integrates multimedia technologies, human computer interaction (HCI) and digital networked systems drawing from research into digital immersive environments, augmented reality, cinema and aspects of Cybertherapy. Digital art permits the artist to re-create new spaces from ‘real-life’ places. The system hereby referred to as PEGASYS provides the participant with three exploratory experiences of a natural environment. The footage provides content for all three stages of interaction within the system. This digitally reconstructed landscape provides a close encounter with the Australian bush, with running water, wind and flora. Crystal Pool is a private sanctuary buried deep within Sydney’s Royal National Park and PEGASYS provides a panoramic reproduction of this peaceful habitat re-distributing it for public exhibition.