“Perils of Obedience” presented by Yuditskaya, Frey and Marraco


Session Title:

  • Motion Lab

Presentation Title:

  • Perils of Obedience




  • Perils of Obedience was an interactive dance piece that first took place at the “Fête de la musique 2009” in Paris, France. It is a generative audio and dance re-enactment of the Milgram Experiment.

    A person dressed with the accouterments, and speaking in the languages of both experimenter and ringleader stands on the street with a mike in her hand. She entreats passers-by and on-lookers to become participants in the performance. The willing participant is given a control interface made from 1950’s British military surplus. Note that the salvaged components were originally made and used for export to Austria post-WW II, the materials used for the apparatus are a material aspect of re-appropriation of various modes of authority.

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