“Performing Systems” presented by Schlegel


Session Title:

  • Generative Art — Divergent Generative Art Practices

Presentation Title:

  • Performing Systems




  • In recent years computational and screen-based art has flourished within the digital arts world and has since had great influence across multiple disciplines. Fuelled by explorations into the beauty of algorithms and their translation into ever emerging visual outcomes, artists working with generative systems have created a substantial body of work and sets of tools using desktop and laptop machines. With the recent arrival of a multitude of mobile platforms, small systems-on-a-chip and electronic devices the potential for new tools, artistic expressions, transdisciplinary investigations and interdisciplinary collaboration is imminent.

    Technology and networks had become an ubiquitous art of our urban lives. With easy access to hardware and software, the availability of technology for everyday activities had now become the norm and defines the conditions in which we live, play and work. How will these new conditions and systems influence and shape future art practices and interdisciplinary projects?

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