“Play Design: a collaborative design space based on digital game project” presented by Luca


Session Title:

  • Transformative Creativity - Participatory Practices I

Presentation Title:

  • Play Design: a collaborative design space based on digital game project




  • Abstract

    This lecture presents an ‘open collaborative digital space’ for the planning and good management of the stream of game design activities. This system design concept could be looked at as a shared toolkit among designers, researchers and artists that work with multimedia content and it aims to sustain the cogeneration of creative ideas for developing multimedia artefacts.

    This software concept is the main contribution of my doctoral thesis in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy), which highlights the importance of the gameplay issue in interaction design. Gameplay design can dramatically improve the relationship between digital technologies and participatory culture and this practice suggests new directions where the benefits of collaborative design could be developed.

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