“Play, skip, jump: warp devices in videogames” presented by Gazzard


Session Title:

  • Positioning local and global transactions

Presentation Title:

  • Play, skip, jump: warp devices in videogames




  • Abstract

    Theories related to the discussion of space within videogames are often focused on ideas such as player relationships with their avatar (Wolf, 2001), (King and Krzywinska, 2006), (Stockburger, 2006), bounded landscapes (King and Krzywinska) or genres of videogames (Wolf, 2001), (Rollings and Adams, 2003) amongst others. This paper instead, discusses the various routes through gamespace in particular those of the path and the track. In doing so, the focus then shifts to an understanding of warp devices found along the paths of the game world and the experiences they can create for the player.

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