Present in the Landscape


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  • SITEWORKS: Ecologies and Technologies

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  • Present in the Landscape




  • Roundtable: SITEWORKS: Ecologies and Technologies

    All landscapes are contested spaces. They are constructions of enculturation, be that perceptions of the energy and spirits within the land, and reflected by the land and the animals inhabiting it, or a Western consumer view of the potential of wealth production, the litres of oil, tons of ore, gold etc. Present in the Landscape is an exploration of the Shoalhaven River (S34 53.686 E150 30.157) in southern New South Wales, Australia. This work came about during the Siteworks residency at the Bundanon Trust property. Siteworks marks a shift in my practice – it has led to a series of works that respond to the river, the natural environment (especially the birds) and the Aboriginal culture and practices of the area.

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