“print soapbox” presented by Lopez


Session Title:

  • Coded Art

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  • print soapbox




  • Code is the textual aspect of computer technology that may be loaded up on a text editor and easily changed. I’m consciously avoiding any discussion on the subject of text editors – jot down your edits on a piece of paper and then write them to new file with echo. What’s important to me is that this be easily accomplished. With enough time and energy, anyone could write interesting code. The best project would be if my grandmother took the time to re-write the linux kernel from scratch, and if she kept a record of her reflections about code. As much as I like Pierre Menard, this is not feasible. The processes of code should be manageable without the need of resorting to too much external technical support. This means that code is relative. What’s code for some will not be code for others.

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