“Privacy in the Age of Mobile XR” presented by Rodriguez and Laurenzo


Session Title:

  • Social Impact and Socio-Technical Systems

Presentation Title:

  • Privacy in the Age of Mobile XR




  • Surveillance capitalism is a model based on the commoditization of customers’ information, with the consequent impact on their privacy, and opening the door to large-scale social manipulation. This has brought the weaponization of social media [2], where invisible actors can harm the public interest using personal information, profiling and exposing groups or individuals, and manipulating the social narrative in sophisticated manners.
    XR (mixed or extended reality) is a group of technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Telepresence, among others. These technologies rely on a growing number of sensors that allow for an extreme deepening of the existing surveillance. This paper analyzes the potential social impact of XR, as well as proposing strategies aiming at safeguarding users’ privacy.