Project «•»


Presentation Title:

  • Project «•»



  • Theoretical idea:
    Since 2003 Dune & Devil are altering existing systems of abstraction to compose an idiosyncratic world which is represented through the symbol «•». Within the transgression of sociotechnological configurations of globalized network cultures they explore a new kind of compositoric space. By developing hybrid spatial reconfigurations of geo-informations systems through sensing devices and communication-based modification Dune & Devil land-mark territories within undetected realities.

    Short description:
    In their work Tina van Duyne & Grischinka Teufl are focused on methods to expand time and space through mediatechnolgy and networked cultures. For their work they are using different forms of abstraction and concepts to create new kinds of place- and space-based phenomenons. Their selfmade worldsystem called «•» is held together by synchron interaction- and communication-scenarios dislocated by interconnecting the real world of vienna and tokyo through the mediatechnological network of virtuality. The emergence of «•» is developed within different circles of reference-systems and communication-patterns which are used to create a shared environment. The morphology of «•» is presented through artefacts out of this parallel-world and several visualizations (posters) of the appearance-context.
    Technical description:

    We are using two handheld computers with additionally installed open source java virtual machines (btw, thanx to mr. freebeans/japan for preparing mysaifu!) on a windows mobile operating-system. A specially, for this project, self-developed java application, is used to interconnect the two mobile computers via UMTS/GPRS for communication and navigation. The incoming GPS-data is streamed to a mysql database which collects all data produced (both outputs: Dune/Vienna and Devil/Tokyo). At last, the database provides the flash application for the visualization of the project «•» on the website.