Session Title:

  • 1948-2000

Presentation Title:

  • Protocollision



  • 52 years of electroacoustic creation at the INA Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM)

    Protocollision is a Dutch-Japanese work in progress on the WWW. constantly changes and is expanded with individual and collective sites and textual contributions. Squint is responsible for the basic site in the form of a database, becoming more layered as the number of works increase. The participating artists initially develop autonomous sites in which (im)possibilities of the medium are explored from various angles. In addition there is space for collaboration between participants: the locations where protocols are traversed, where a collision is forced. Various respondents give textual reactions and visitors are invited to respond!


    1. Akitsugu Maebayashi
    2. doubleNegatives
    3. exonemo
    4. Mami Iwasaki
    5. Yuki Kimura
    6. 0010
    7. Daniel Rodenburg
    8. D.U.M.B.
    9. Gabrielle Marks & Stefan Kunzmann
    10. JODI


    1. CELL -Initiators of Incidents-
    2. Kazunao Abe & Yukiko Shikata